Axipiter - Connecting Space, Systems and Services

Axipiter - Space Economy Experts & Change Agents

At Axipiter, we believe that the vast expanse of space presents endless possibilities for addressing the challenges faced by humanity. Our team of experts work collaboratively with other engineers, scientists, and visionaries towards harnessing space-based technologies to develop innovative and revolutionary solutions.

We are a new Italian start-up company with considerable space economy expertise and experience, seeking solutions to challenges with the help of space and terrestrial information technology, in a climate of rapid technological change and satellite industry expansion.

Axipiter’s aim is to open up the space economy to new players, by supporting public and private sectors to benefit from the new and emerging opportunities. Our business model is one of flexibility and collaboration. We are currently working with ESA (European Space Agency) and ASI (Agenzia Spaziale Italiana) and private sector companies to find solutions to emerging complexities in business modelling, research optimisation and satellite data use.