Building The first Ecosystem Orchestrator for the Space Market

Connecting Space, Systems, and People with a new generation low code Composable and Distributed technology.

Unlock the true potential of the Space Industry with The first Space industry ecosystem orchestrator

Axipiter is building the first Space Orchestrator designed to help the entire ecosystem to build new space solutions by quickly composing full-stack Smart Space and Non-space Digital Bricks (packaged business capabilities) and eventually adding them together to make a completely modular system that can be used and shared again and again.

Axipiter Space Orchestrator is a first-of-its-kind Low-Code Automation Platform to build DISTRIBUTED AND COMPOSABLE SPACE APPLICATIONS  fast, experiment with new use cases on the fly, and an all-round quicker deployment methodology for AI, IoT, and (space and non-space) Data Orchestration solutions. This software space orchestrator offers a complete turnkey solution for anyone who is looking to deploy a low-code platform for their business. Space Orchestrator enables the creation of a broad range of applications across multiple industry verticals – from energy and automation to IoT, Real Estate, and BFSI. It offers a fast path for organizations to leverage the benefits of automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

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Connecting Space with Citizens, public companies, and private organizations

The technical limitations of the current space technology hinder its interoperability. some of the challenges faced in space are the inability to seamlessly share data and information, the lack of reliable and secure means of communication, and the difficulty in connecting devices without any compatibility issues. One answer to these challenges is to design a unique and efficient interoperable technology that can address every challenge faced by space agencies and organizations. This will make it possible to seamlessly connect the isolated parts of the space ecosystem.  That can:

Dynamically connect parts of the various space ecosystem nodes.
Develop modular and flexible applications able to dynamically correlate variables and then connect processes.
Able to build Horizontal and distributed intelligent applications instead of vertical ones (silos).
Dynamically evolving the various applications without rewriting the code every time the business processes change

This technology will provide a non-invasive framework or backbone that can seamlessly connect every satellite, ground station, or space probe in the space ecosystem. This will facilitate the sharing of information and data in near-real-time to all stakeholders and allow for safer, more efficient, and cost-cutting space missions.

Axipiter enables the entire Space Ecosystem to become horizontally connected and become part of an “Internet of Space”. The focus is on connecting Citizens, Hospitals, Transportation, Smart Cities, Infrastructure, and other entities to make the space frontier available to all virtually. To achieve this, we’re working on making a safe, resilient, frugal, and open network that enables a Space Ecosystem with a “Networking for All” approach. Axipiter Technology’s focus is on Innovation and Development of disruptive Space Technology which will enable us to create a Space Ecosystem connecting Entities and Citizens.

Axipiter’s Brick-Oriented Architecture

With Axipiter, the entire space industry is connected, from launch to re-entry. By connecting all nodes of the entire ecosystem with digital bricks, the Axipiter Space Orchestrator leverages the principle of “build once, use many times,” as well as new technologies to provide “Composable” data and services. Bringing the reusability concept from rockest to software!

Axipiter creates a unique seamless digital chain from the launch of a spacecraft to its reentry and rebirth into space, thereby streamlining and simplifying the space industry. It will make everything as seamless as possible for entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground, allowing them to focus on what’s important – their products and services.  It uses a brick oriented architecture to create a whole ecosystem of space technologies and solutions that can be created and continually upgraded as a combination of smart digital bricks (as opposed to data cubes), which can be natively integrated and connected and with third-party, legacy technologies (terrestrial or otherwise) in various ways.

Axipiter will serve as an orchestrator for the entire space industry. It’ll connect all of its participating nodes with an array of digital bricks(instead of Data cubes) to build a lasting legacy from start to finish!  By integrating technologies from multiple sources along with providing comparative data and services, Axipiter can create incredibly adaptable solutions that can be utilized time and time again for various projects. And by focusing on creating spaceships that are processed once and reused many times over, Axipiter can cut down on costs significantly while increasing efficiency across the board. Using Axipiter’s smart digital bricks for ‘Composable’ data and services means no more complex integration – everything is natively integrated into our blockchain-platform ecosystem!

A customizable Space Orchestration solution for Businesses of all sizes

Axipiter is an advanced digital space orchestration platform designed to create an effective digital space that aims to integrate your data collection and data understanding operations. The platform provides you with the tools to enable diverse business systems to seamlessly integrate into one collective operational workflow and connect all of your disparate functionalities into a single system.

The Axipiter Space Orchestrator enables enterprises of all sizes to manage a myriad of critical business solutions. By defining rules and desired sequence, complex Business requests can be managed by automatically processing requests in the most desired order. With this defined business logic, APIs can be exposed to any system allowing them to ride on top of the workflow rather than duplicating a similar set of business logic. This simplifies processes and significantly accelerates time-to-market.

Integration with Axipiter means simple changes to end-to-end business logic can be made without impacting the interconnected system. That means a flexible approach to orchestrated data that allows any enterprise to keep up with the pace of the fast-changing business world.