Technological Solutions

New and emerging space and terrestrial technologies are providing a step change in what is possible in terms of Earth Observation, Artificial Intelligence, communications and data management. Axipiter works with businesses and the public sector to help realise this potential for the good of the economy and the environment.

Axipiter recognizes the importance of agriculture in sustaining global food security. We strive to develop cutting-edge technologies and applications that improve agricultural productivity, optimize resource utilization, and ensure environmental sustainability. Through satellite imaging, remote sensing, and data analytics, we provide valuable insights and solutions to help farmers make informed decisions about crop management, irrigation, and land usage.

With the increasing need for robust security measures, Axipiter integrates space-based technologies to enhance security systems across various sectors. We offer advanced satellite surveillance systems, data analytics platforms, and intelligent monitoring solutions to detect and prevent security breaches. Our innovative approach empowers organizations to proactively mitigate risks, safeguard critical infrastructure, and ensure the safety of communities.

Axipiter envisions a future where a country’s physical and service infrastructure is optimized for efficiency, resilience, and sustainability. By leveraging space technology, we design and implement innovative architectures for urban planning, civil engineering projects, transportation networks, and energy management. Our solutions enable governments and private enterprises to make informed decisions, improve infrastructure systems, and create more livable and sustainable cities.