Laura Tonin

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

More than 20 years of experience working in marketing and sales roles within multinational and startups.

Expert in Creation of  sustainable business model integrating the space ground segment, the operation, service and I.O.T. (Internet of things). Developing new business opportunities in both the earth observation and telecommunication sectors.

Sabatino Stornelli


Sabatino has over 35 years of  professional experience in the space economy, and the security and the environment sectors. He was general manager at Telespazio Spa, controlled by Leonardo and Thales, a global leader in satellite services, geo-information and networked navigation systems. Sabatino brings his vast experience of successfully managing joint working between the corporate and public sectors. He is one of Italy’s leading experts in the space economy.

Massimo Biagini

Chief Technology Officer

Massimo is Axipiter’s Chief Technical Officer and brings a wealth of satellite experience and expertise to the business, having worked on amongst others Galileo, EGNOS, GNSS, IRIDIUM, ERS-1 and X-SAR. His experience spanning the commercial and public sectors, working for TeleSpazio and Leonardo and with involvement in SISTRI, a waste traceability system (Environment) and SIGRAL (Defense). Massimo’s technical expertise and extensive professional networks ensure that Axipiter’s work is not only highly innovative, but also achievable and sustainable.

Susannah McGuire

Executive Support & Business Development

Susannah McGuire has a strong managerial and business development background in the UK public and private sectors, with a particular interest in sustainable development, having led the UK’s Sustainable Development Commission’s public sector work for many years. She brings an analytical business perspective, a keen interest in change management and an eye for clear and concise communication to Axipiter.

Leonardo Valente


Leonardo is Axipiter’s first intern. His creativity, intelligence, enthusiasm and energy has improved our work environment greatly.