Why Axipiter?

Lack of interoperability stands in the way of continued growth in the space market for organizations.

In today’s networked environment, digital interoperability is essential.  With the increasing demand for businesses to automate and standardize business processes to compete, there needs to be a hub for passive sharing of data elements among multiple organizations. To eliminate the need for implementing custom and costly interfaces to perform sharing on an organization-by-organization basis, organizations need to utilize a new generation of interoperability technology that allows dynamic information and capabilities sharing by multiple parties and between multiple systems with ease. Brick-oriented architecture (BOA) is a software engineering technique that makes it possible to build interdependent systems across space industries. Dynamically, natively, and extemporaneously.

Axipiter provides a new vision to the entire space industry

By leveraging the interoperability and the digital capabilities that Space Orchestrator provides, a company can become a disruptive force in the space industry. By defining future Horizontal solutions that better align with the ecosystems of other companies and the needs of users, Space Orchestrator evolves from “Standards” to “Adapters”.

Embrace the new vision for great benefits

By becoming an adapter, a company can abandon the old, rigid standard web of systems that only work in siloed areas and embrace the new, flexible web of systems that work together, seamlessly. This will lead to the end of old-fashioned one-size-fits-all solutions that create inconveniences for users and the beginning of new products and services that tailor to the user’s needs, no matter where they are or what they are trying to do.

Axipiter is a comprehensive and secure platform for a whole new space industry ecosystem

Opening and interconnecting the space-related activities of all its elements (upstream, downstream, and space-related systems).  The space industry is an extremely complex network of suppliers, developers, and customers that require an interconnected and collaborative working environment, and with the adoption of blockchain technology, well-defined security criteria, and a highly innovative development structure, Axipiter is the first company to offer a platform fully capable of interconnecting all the upstream-downstream and space-related elements. Axipiter’s platform is not only a bridge between multiple space-related ecosystems but is also a real-time space-data provider with a development environment that enables the release of IT Applications (VAS) by other developers and companies.

A new generation of Digital Interoperability makes the Space Orchestrator a valuable tool when it comes to resolving (systems) interoperability issues.
Data providers, AI experts, and data consumers can all benefit from the Brick Marketplace that such a vision can generate for the space market.
Utilizing AI/ML analysis of geospatial data and services to improve metadata information can improve the discovery of existing geospatial data and services.
With AI/ML analytics, it may be possible to integrate for instance geospatial and health data (e.g., clusters, hot spots, etc.) to provide a geospatial/health integration.
Processes can easily be adapted to incorporate Space Intelligence.
Transforming and correlation//aggregation of consumed IoT messages, based on use-case related requirements.
Any business logic can be created using low/ no-code configurations and hosted within the Axipiter Platform.
Wide range of readily available connecters to support the integration of external systems.