Value Chain Connectivity

Our new class of connected and modular space systems streamlines all operations by providing real-time information to the operation teams.

The system gives them a bird’s eye view of all resources contributing to the building and production and acts as a “space cockpit” on top of the Extended Digital Twin: it provides all the information needed – both current and proactive – to monitor and optimize processes throughout – from raw materials right through to final installation.

This is made possible through the use of an advanced space cockpit with a real-time resource monitor: everything you need for your business is at your fingertips via automated updates and leads generated from all data used in daily operations.

Axipiter Space Orchestrator

Axipiter Space Orchestrator fills this role by providing communication systems necessary for these new generations of horizontal interoperable space systems. The communication between all key players is now seamless since these new-generation systems are built upon open communication architectures that allow rapid communication through means including direct interfaces that feed into integrated processes.

Providing communication systems

These dynamic connections improve processes that go beyond automation and into the realm of real-time responses and anticipating customer needs before they even ask for them, providing a more omnichannel approach with advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. This is because space systems of the future require seamless collaboration between all strategic activity from strategic planning, to operations management, as well as being able to manage complexities effectively without disrupting long-standing business relationships.