Axipiter Space Orchestrator

An unified platform that allows space technology developers to design, build, test, and operate space missions faster, more effectively, and cheaper than ever before. The Space Orchestrator connects all existing applications that the space industry is using and allows them to integrate. It also provides an environment that enables developers to create new digital elements (bricks) which can be combined and composed dynamically with any existing applications out there. Delivering the next generation to Space Solutions to end users.

Axipiter enables businesses to manage their entire space business – from the development of space applications to the operation of communication satellites, from the procurement of services to the marketing of products. The Space Orchestrator is a scalable, standards-based, multi-tenant, Digital Brick-based platform that offers a complete set of capabilities that enable users to define and implement new business models and processes to deliver value to stakeholders.

Turn your vision into reality faster than ever before!

Axipiter enables you to quickly integrate and make third-party technologies interoperable (e.g. using AI) triggering and facilitating on top the development of applications which are using the Space Ecosystem’s technologies, whether directly or indirectly (e.g., VAS-Applications); these bricks could be reused in other applications in the Space ecosystem such as those related to infrastructure, smart city, some sort of AI platform, etc.

Axipiter is a means to connect several different spaces and non-space technologies which help make several other, related systems (AI among them) all work in harmony.

Axipiter facilitates this communication between these disparate aspects of planetary development, otherwise known as VAS-Applications, in a way that makes it easy and cost-effective to launch space-related products and services, especially when considering the special challenges of outer space applications!
Axipiter orchestrates all of your information, making it ready to be distributed across compatible systems while providing the IT infrastructure needed to connect other relevant technologies and triggering the development of applications in the space industry by making them compatible with each other! Our platform offers you the ability to test new ideas without writing any code, visualize your data and collaborate in a live environment.

A global Space Solutions provider

Axipiter aims to make space-based business solutions more accessible to clients by providing them with complete space solutions using its agile, resourceful, and experienced Partner ecosystem. Combining sensor fusion, 5G-enhanced connectivity, edge, and cloud computing collaborations, and digital twin creation of both indoor and outdoor spaces, this technology can help map space data and make it more manageable. By combining this classification technology, users can better track, manage, and orchestrate activities in the entire downstream and upstream organizations in near-real-time, giving users a competitive edge over their competitors.

A ground-breaking software technology

Designed to replace traditional programming with software modules, called Small Digital Bricks that are highly reusable and able to be configured automatically to be assembled using a low code deployment mechanism, allowing all the different entities of an entire ecosystem of individual units to be interconnected and composed easily! These Small Digital Bricks (SDBs) can encapsulate business logic, move between edge, on-premise, and clouds installations, and for the first time in the space market, will allow for a rapid and low code deployment mechanism, opening up a new world of possibilities for business and developers. This new technology gives digital transformation in the space market a whole new meaning!

Axipiter is much more
than a Space Industry standards body

We are the Space Industry Ecosystem Orchestrator! To accomplish this mission, Axipiter has added a new dimension to the definition of a Standards body. We help individual companies become a disruptive force in the space industry by aligning the ecosystem around them. By connecting the dots between those that have a need and those that can fill the requirements; we can bring together the best of a horizontal and vertical approach. We can create a space industry fabric that is more aligned with the needs of users, more open and transparent, and ultimately, more sustainable!